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Acomb Parish Council

Parish Councils are the tier of local government closest to the people, and they are there to serve the whole community of their relevant parish. There is a Resident’s Participation agenda item at the beginning of every full Parish Council meeting, when members of the Parish Community are welcome to come along and raise issues of concern within the parish, or comment on items on the agenda. Some of these, like street lighting and highways issues, will be passed on to the relevant department of Northumberland County Council on your behalf.

Acomb Parish Council represents the interests of the community of Acomb Parish from its boundary with Wall Parish to the north and the River Tyne to the South, and from West Oakwood in the East and the River North Tyne to the West. The Parish Council is responsible for a number of functions, including public allotments, management of some roadside areas, consultative Planning functions, Neighbourhood Plan, Bus Shelters, local signage, litter bins, public seats and minor Grant Funding. It will also act as the communications channel with Northumberland County Council for other local government responsibilities (such as Highways, Street Lighting, Waste Disposal….).

Acomb Parish Council is made up of 7 Councillors, who are elected or re-elected every 4 years. Meetings are normally held monthly and are open to the public.

Your current representatives on the Parish Council are Norman Robson (Chair), Naomi Liller, Sybil Gill, Jenny Gillatt, Louise Horncastle, Charles Enderby and John McDonald.

The County Councillor, Cllr Trevor Cessford attends most Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council is funded mainly by the Precept, which is a (small) part of your council tax, along with some income from other sources such as grants.

Unusually for a Parish Council, Acomb Parish Council is also the sole Trustee of 3 Charitable Trusts, these are –  Acomb Village Hall, Acomb Recreation Ground and Acomb Playing Field Pavilion. In this capacity, the Parish Council manages and funds the Village Hall, the Playing Fields (including the Tennis Courts, Children’s Play Area, Zip-wire and Football Field) and the Pavilion (currently in need of significant refurbishment – at the planning stage)

You can contact the Parish Council via the Clerk.

Parish Clerk: Bill Grigg


Acomb Parish Council
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Acomb Parish Council
Acomb Parish Council

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Climate Change Action Plan
Acomb Parish Council

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Acomb Parish Council

Trustees End of Year Report 2020/2021

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