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Acomb Local is a central online hub of information relating to all things Acomb Northumberland. Feel free to take a browse to find out about the village, local services, community groups, events and flood watch.

Acomb Local Group

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Acomb Flood Watch

Acomb has an active Flood group (Acomb Flood Watch) since its inception in 2013 with an annually reviewed Flood Plan supported by the Environment Agency. Flood Wardens (11) are designated to one of the 4 flood zones in Acomb. 

If you observe a FLOOD, please telephone:

Mark Dowthwaite – Lead Flood Warden on 07886 444945 

If at any time there is a danger to life, call the emergency services on 999 or 112.

For further enquiries, email or contact us online through this website.

Acomb Flood Watch
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