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Local Walks Around Acomb

Acomb Local is a central online hub of information relating to all things Acomb, Northumberland. Feel free to take a browse to find out about the village, local services, community groups, events and local walks around Acomb.

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Local Walks Around Acomb

Acomb is set in beautiful countryside enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Walking is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the local area, and we have a range of walks for you to try. They follow public rights of way, tracks and country lanes, so stout footwear is recommended.

Please observe the Countryside Code at all times and dogs should be kept under control, particularly where livestock are encountered. .

Walkers follow the routes entirely at their own risk and acomblocal does not accept any responsibility for personal injury.

Northumberland County Council is responsible for the maintenance of footpaths. If any of the footpaths, bridges or stiles in our area are blocked or damaged or have problems which prevent their use please send the location and details to .  If you have a phone or digital camera handy, a photo would be useful. A useful map if you want to explore the area is OS Explorer map: OL43: Hadrian’s Wall

There are 10 local walks featured on the walk4life site – click here to see them:

Walks 4 Life

Another very useful resource is Northumberland County Council’s maps website. Click on the link, then type Acomb into the space bar to zone into Acomb village. 

Thanks to local resident Colin Earnshaw for providing the route set out below for the walk from Acomb village to St John Lee. 

(Copyright Colin Earnshaw)
Local Walks around Acomb
Footpath between Eastwood House and Acomb village ( Carol Boothby)
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