How to Make your Queen’s Jubilee Bunting


  For full instructions and pictures of how to make your pennants for the Queen’s Jubilee Bunting, please read on ….

Acomb Womens Institute are co-ordinating the making of bunting to decorate the village during the Queen’s Jubilee. The WI will hold sessions at the Village Hall to join them together. All help appreciated we cannot do this on our own. The bunting will be available for future events.

A few photos to help people make a pennant or 2 or 100?!? Use an A4 piece of paper as your size guide. You can hand stitch or cross stitch together. Or cut out and the WI will do the stitching together. Or come along to one of our evening sewing sessions and have a go at sewing your cutouts together. Any fabric except the most stretchy should work. Think old clean clothing(shirts) or bedding. Any pattern or style when it all gets put together it looks fabulous. Please help us with the cutting out that is the longest job.

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